Obligations and Rules

  • It is a direct violation of the program rules to refer a customer to a sponsor for the purposes of requesting a PIN or to act as a broker to locate AXZD-Plan customers for a sponsor. In other words, dealership employees may not find customers for sponsors and may not purchase PINs from a sponsor to give to a customer. In fact, purchasing PINs for anyone is a violation of Plan rules and is strictly prohibited.
  • Participating dealerships agree to comply with all of the terms outlined in this document, including the Red Carpet Lease provisions, if leased through Ford Credit.
  • Authorized Lincoln dealerships are encouraged, but not obligated, to participate in the New Vehicle Purchase Program.
  • Participating dealerships must sign a Dealer Agreement located on the AXZD-Plan Pricing Agreement on each New Vehicle Purchase Program sale or lease.
  • Dealerships must be authorized Lincoln dealers ("under their Sales and Service Agreement(s)") for the product being purchased or leased.
  • All sales or lease contracts with Program customers will be by an employee of the participating dealership. Commissions to dealerships will be withheld or charged back if non-employees, including brokers and agents, are used to participate in Plan transactions in any capacity.
  • As with any retail sale, dealership personnel may prospect outside their market area boundaries. But they are not permitted to display vehicles outside their assigned trade area (PMA) unless an exception is pre-approved by the Regional Office. Contact your Regional Office for exception requests.
  • Dealerships agree that no one connected with or acting on behalf of the dealership shall solicit New Vehicle Purchase Program business on Company property. Solicitation includes the distribution of business cards or advertising "fliers" and the placement of notices on Company bulletin boards. In addition, solicitation via telephone, email, fax, or U.S. mail is also prohibited. Dealer advertising in Lincoln publications will be permitted so long as such advertisements are institutional in content.
  • Dealer advertising must be clear in stating that Plan pricing is available to eligible customers only. It is improper for a dealer to make the express or implied claim to the general public that Lincoln has authorized the dealer to offer the Plans or the Plans' pricing to ALL potential customers. Refer to eFC #0700411 dated May 2, 2007 and titled Appropriate Use of the AXZ-Plan Trade Name.
  • AXZD-Plan customers are required to arbitrate warranty-related disputes via the Dispute Resolution Program (DRP) before initiating or proceeding with legal action. Failure to seek resolution of warranty-related disputes via the DRP before initiating legal action may result in the suspension of Purchase Plan privileges for sponsor (as noted below).

What if a Customer Ignores the Plan Rules?

  • The purchase, lease and disposal of vehicles under the New Vehicle Purchase Program are monitored regularly for abuse through a computerized system. Customers who do not comply with the requirements noted above will be contacted and asked to explain the circumstances involved.
  • The privilege to participate may be withdrawn or suspended if the Company determines that the Lincoln or Dealership employee has violated the provisions of the New Vehicle Purchase Program or Company policy. The employee/retiree may be required to reimburse the Company for the full amount of the dealer commission paid, and/or have their Plan privileges suspended or revoked. In addition, the employee may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of employment.
  • Note: Even if the customer who violates these provisions is not a Company employee, the sponsoring employee, retiree or surviving spouse is responsible and subject to the above sanctions.


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