Smart Technology in the 2018 Ford Expedition

In the 2018 Ford Expedition, you can stay alert and safe no matter where you go. This popular full-sized SUV has advanced technology that acts as a second pair of eyes on the road.

You can get the Expedition with Blind Spot Monitoring. With this feature, sensors on the rear sides of your vehicle monitor your surroundings. They keep track of parts of your ride that you can't see. When another vehicle gets into your blind spot, a visual alert will be shown on the side mirrors. 

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Energy Efficiency in the Ford C-Max

Convenience makes the drive easier in the Ford C-Max. When you have the Intelligent Access key with you, just touch the door handle to enter the cabin. Once you’re seated, step on the brake and run the engine by pressing Push-Button Start. Available Active Park Assist can help you locate a parallel parking spot and guide you into it by controlling steering while you take charge of braking and accelerating. 

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Two Great Ford Flex Convenience Features

The Ford Flex is one of the more popular three-row, mid-size SUVs on the market and for good reason. With many different convenience features, this car is a joy to drive.

Storage space is important for an SUV, and Ford recognized this and maximized the usable cargo space. After folding the third-row seats down, 83.2 cubic feet of storage space is revealed. There are first- and second-row storage spaces in the doors and the spacious, lockable glove box offers room to hold and protect small, valuable items. 

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The Ford Mustang: It Handles Like a Dream

The Ford Mustang is a sports car that has been around for many years. Throughout the years, this vehicle has remained one of the most popular sports cars on the market. One reason for the Mustang's popularity is due to the vehicle's great handling performance.

The Ford Mustang is equipped with an independent rear suspension. This type of suspension allows for superior handling because it isolates any bumps so that they aren't felt throughout the entire vehicle. Independent suspension dampens the feeling of body roll. The Mustang also features selective electric power-assisted steering. 

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Drive the Ford Fusion Energi Today

The Ford Fusion has always been an option Ford will use to introduce new technology on the market. These vehicles were some of the first midlevel options to come standard with OnStar. They also were the first in the fleet sales division at Ford to become fully electric. This is why not many were surprised when Ford announced the release of the Ford Fusion Energi, a midsized hybrid sedan.

The Ford Fusion Energi performs remarkably well for its intended purpose- to be an economical and comfortable way to get around. 

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Check Out the Style of the Ford EcoSport Today

Get ready for comfort and style when you get behind the wheel of the compact crossover Ford EcoSport. This vehicle features a unique rear gate. It swings outward, making it easier for your canine companion or kids to get out the back. It also facilitates loading of bikes and other equipment and big loads of groceries.

If you like the glow of the moonlight when driving at night, check out the Ford EcoSport's power moon roof. With the push of a button, it opens and closes. You can open it to let the moonlight or sunlight in, or close…

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Innovative Ford Taurus Technology Features

The Ford Taurus comes complete with an array of different, innovative technology features. The 2018 Taurus technology suite includes BLIS with cross traffic alert. This system alerts you when another vehicle enters into your blind spot. BLIS also aids when you are backing up. 

The Ford Taurus also features Intelligent Access with Push-Button Star. This feature allows you to open and start your Ford Taurus without the need for a key. Another of the technology features you'll appreciate in the Ford Taurus is SYNC 3. 

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Are You Looking For A Truck Built For Productivity?

There are times when you require a vehicle that can just get things done. Pickup trucks, by and large, are the go-to vehicle type when you need a work-related vehicle that is functional in a variety of settings. The 2018 Ford Super Duty comes equipped with many productivity features that you may find useful. 

The 2018 Super Duty was designed with productivity in mind. Among its useful features are Boxlink and LED Box lights. The Boxlink system is reinforced and comes with attachments that make securing cargo a breeze. 

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The 2018 Mustang Features Advanced Safety Technology

There are few things more terrifying than starting to change to a seemingly empty lane when suddenly another vehicle seems to materialize out of nowhere. Even with the most careful driving and checking, it can sometimes be impossible to see a car that is directly in your blind spot. The 2018 Ford Mustang looks to solve that problem with some exciting new technologies, ensuring that it will continue to be one of the most popular sports cars on the market.

The new Mustang features a type of technology called a Blind Spot Information System. 

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Ford Fusion: Designed for When the Road is Rough

High-tech performance features make the new Ford Fusion a car that has to be experienced to believe. The Fusion is a favorite midsize sedan that has the features of a luxury vehicle. The Fusion makes driving one of the true simple pleasures in life.

The performance features of this vehicle emphasize handling, smooth ride, and control, even on rough road surfaces. Ford knows that the road ahead is not always easy and provides performance features such as intelligent all-wheel drive and an advanced suspension system that helps adjust for bumps in the road.  

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