With its chilly temperatures, road debris, snow, and salt, the winter can be tough on your car. But now, the days are getting warmer, and summertime is right around the corner. That means now is the perfect time to get your ride ready for the season with service and maintenance from Courtesy Ford. Here are a few recommended maintenance items to take care of this spring.

  • Oil and Filter Changes: This is the most critical component of any proper maintenance schedule, and it's especially important to address at the end of winter. Your car's oil lubricates fast-moving parts, absorbs heat, and helps filter contaminants. And in the winter, it works extra hard. Spring is an excellent time for a refresh.

  • Replace Wiper Blades: Cold weather can cause the rubber on wiper blades to become brittle and less effective. A new pair will ensure maximum windshield clearance on rainy summer days.

  • Brake Service: Excess grit on the road can potentially cause brake pads to wear faster or unevenly. Our service center technicians can inspect brake pads and rotors for any issues. And if you need a replacement, our parts department is fully stocked with genuine OEM Ford parts.

  • Battery Testing: Your car's battery has a tough job to begin with. Not only does it start the engine, but it runs all the lights and accessories as well. The battery has to work harder in cold temperatures, and warm weather provides favorable conditions for corrosion and fluid evaporation. Have your battery test can help ensure you're not left stranded.

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