Pulling and Hauling is Easy with the Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is made to work, whether as a work truck or to take you on any range of adventures and activities. When you arrive at our Courtesy Ford Lincoln showroom you will be pleased to see the Ford Ranger has continued its successful return to the market is continuing with one of the most impressive trucks available.

No matter why you are looking to enjoy your Ford Ranger, you will have all the power you need to haul items or to pull any item with the powerful towing ability of this mid-size pickup in Altoona. When you are looking to tow a trailer or another vehicle you will have the chance to enjoy the towing capacity of 7,500lb that means you should be able to pull the majority of items. If you are looking to fill the back of the truck with your items you will have the ability to fit around 1,860lb in the rear of your Ford Ranger.


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