Your Suspension Absorbs Bumps so You Don't Have to

It is winter time in many parts of the country, and for most of us, this means potholes. Teeth rattling and headache-inducing, these would be a lot worse and even small bumps more noticeable if not for our car's suspension systems. At Courtesy Ford Lincoln here in Altoona, PA we are able to check your suspension if you notice a rougher than normal ride.

When you hit a pothole or other bump in the road, it produces a lot of energy, and the energy is directed upward into the vehicle. With a properly operating suspension system, however, the vast majority of this energy is absorbed into the springs and leafs, causing only a small amount to reach the passenger cabin and induce that jarring feeling.

If you notice that this winter has been especially rough while driving, chances are it isn't because there are more potholes than usual. Over time, the springs wear down and lose a lot of their energy-absorbing abilities. We can replace worn shocks and get you back to driving in comfort today at our Ford service station.

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