Do You Need Winter Tires if Your Truck Has 4WD?

Your Ford F-150 has over 9 inches of ground clearance. It has a powerful engine built for towing and hauling, and tackles tough terrain without breaking a sweat, thanks to its capable four-wheel drive system.

You don't need snow tires to get through an Altoona winter, do you?

A study has shown drivers are more likely to crash in a pickup than any other type of vehicle when roads are snow-covered or icy. The reason may be because of the over-confidence drivers have in their truck's capability—they may drive too fast, or fail to have winter tires put on, arguing they "don't need them."

Winter tires are actually the most important piece of safety equipment your car has when driving in snow—features like all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and even selectable Snow modes cannot function without good tires to connect them with the ground.

Check out the video we found comparing two Ford Escape SUVs—one has all-wheel drive, the other has snow tires. Which do you think will perform better on a snowy hill?

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