Getting the Best Fuel Economy with Any Car

Doesn't matter if you are driving a new car or your vehicle has 200,000 miles on it, the same rules for increasing fuel economy apply. Our service center has compiled a list of a few things that you can be doing that don't involve that much extra effort, but will save you money on maintenance and fuel in the long run.

The list of fuel saving tips for any vehicle include:
  • Making certain the tire pressure in all tires is at the manufacture recommended level.
  • Removing any excess weight in the vehicle that is slowing it down.
  • Using the cruise control when on the highway on long trips.
  • Turning off the engine instead of idling for long periods.
  • Changing air filters often.
Come by our service center and our technicians will inspect your fuel filter too. We will inspect the fuel system and alert you of any issues that could be affecting your fuel economy.
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