How Ford Makes its Lane Keeping System More Appealing

Have you ever owned a car with lane-departure warnings? If you have, there's a good chance you turned that system off and never looked back.

A previous Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study found over 60 percent of vehicles with lane-departure warnings had the systems deactivated. A new study has a little more hope—only 49 percent of lane-departure systems were turned off. That's still a lot, but what motivates people to turn this technology off vs. keeping it on?

The biggest turn-off turned out to be systems that used only an auditory warning. When they were designed like Ford's lane keeping system, with tactile vibration warnings instead of noise, and the ability to use steering to automatically guide the vehicle back to the center of the lane, they were more likely to be used.

Check out the well-designed lane keeping systems on new Ford models like the 2017 Escape, and the Ford Fusion.

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