How Does Technology Improve Towing Capability in the 2017 F-150?

Technology has come a long way in improving the performance and convenience of automobiles. New models have tech features to aid in safety, connectivity, entertainment, and more. Cars are getting smarter and smarter. Recently, Ford has used technology to improve the towing experience in its F-150 pickup. These new innovations make towing with the F-150 a walk in the park, even for those how have never towed before.

One of the first challenges of towing is getting the tow hitch lined up correctly. Ford fixed this issue with the F-150's trailer-guide, which shows a guided path through the rearview camera display. Just follow the dotted line for perfect tow-hitch placement.

The 2017 F-150 also has an available trailer backup assist system. By toggling a nob, the driver can tell the F-150 which direction they want the trailer to go. The truck will then automatically steer the trailer.

Towing among Pennsylvania's varied terrain can be a challenge. Make it easier for yourself with a 2017 F-150  equipped with tow-assist technology from Courtesy Ford in Altoona.

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